When you eat in a restaurant, work in an office, meet friends at the local club, visit a medical centre or buy groceries at the store how can you be certain that these places are hygienically clean?

What is preventing you from unknowingly contracting infections such as a cold, flu, gastroenteritis or diarrhoea from surface-borne pathogens or contact with other people (for example the table service person carrying your plate, the checkout person packing your bags, the work colleague using your computer).

Is it possible to have any control over these situations?

The simple answer is yes! This is the mission of the Hygiene Foundation of Australia. We are passionate about creating a healthier and safer place for all Australians. With our exclusive White Tick™ program we are increasing the awareness to the dangers of poor hygiene and cross contamination. We train employers and employees in how to maintain a hygienic environment and we provide them with exceptional cost-effective White Tick™ products. Help to improve the hygiene in your home, recreational area and work place. Join our campaign and become a White Tick™ member today. For your better health.